Monday, November 21, 2011

Classic melodic rock CD of the week

By Stephen Kasenda

HARLOT “Room With A View” (1989)

Harlot is Danish answer to Da Vinci, Treat, or Dalton. Most of them are probably unknown except inside the melodic rock community, but “Room With A View” is a long forgotten gem, a beautiful creation, that deserves to be recognized more by public. “Room With A View” is lush with keyboards, a mix of slow tempo to fast-paced tracks, and a soaring tenor vocal. If you love bands like Journey or Foreigner, I bet this one will be sheer enjoyment.

The first track, “Now I See”, is a great one but I don't think it really fits here. Despite the slow pace, it's too long and doesn’t pick up the momentum like “So Much For Happy Endings”. That one has a lot of energy and the arrangement is just stunning. “Out All Night” is also tremendous, but it's a mid-tempo tune, so if you're looking for a heavier and faster one, try “Kecia” or “Dancing On Dynamite”. Avoid “Invisible Ones” because it's kind of average - promising at first, but falling short.

“Metropolis Children” reminds me of Foreigner, especially the keyboards. The verse is much better than the chorus but overall it is still a top-notch tune. “Bring Home Your Love” is an enchanting piano ballad; if you know Australia's Air Supply you’ll note this song has a similar vibe with vocals even sounding like Russell Hitchcock.

This disc used to be hard to get but I believe there's a re-mastered version out there, even though it's kind of difficult to find as well. Rock Candy or Yesterrock should have done a proper reissue of this. I love this CD - it has the necessary heavier edge as in hard rock but not too harsh. Songs are mostly beautiful with a couple of acceptable fillers. Recommended!

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