Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review: Ross and the Wrongens “Life In The Loos” [EP]

Pop rock
Headed by Ross Wrongen, he and his companions formed a band in 2009 that relied on a strong work ethic to deliver songs that echo the entire history of pop – from Sinatra to The Sex Pistols. The four tunes appearing on their EP, “Life In The Loos” embody the spirit of the Golden Age of AM radio. The band is raising eyebrows already, as evidenced by two of their songs (“That Magic Feeling” and “Summer Sun”) being nominated for best pop song at the Exposure Music Awards, an organization dedicated to promoting the best new bands in the UK.

Lead off track “That Magic Feeling” is terrific – a wonderful radio-ready gem bursting with sunshine and memorable melodies. The chorus is catchy enough as is, but the added backing harmony vocals make it truly irresistible. This is followed by another song heavily influenced by The Byrds and The Hollies called “Through With U (Ballad Of An Alcoholic)”. “Reason 2 Live” is another hook-laden feel good track, while “Summer Sun” ends the EP on a high note. The organ in this track is spectacular, rivaling the work found in many songs by Boston.

This excellent EP suggests that Ross and the Wrongens are a band that rejoices the jovial spirit of traditional pop rock, but don’t let their carefree disposition fool you – they take their songwriting most seriously. If there is only one thing I’d change about the band…lose the Prince abbreviations in your song titles!

Ross and the Wrongens Official site.