Friday, July 9, 2010

Review: Rachel McGoye "Ghetto Gloss" [EP] - free mp3

Rachel McGoye's latest EP, "Ghetto Gloss", is mostly melodic pop and mixed in with a little soul and R&B. It was produced and co-written by Alex Band (formerly of The Calling), who helps to bring a melodic rock edge to the forefront.

I was not overwhelmed by the title track to this EP, but it was evident from this tune that Rachel McGoye has a voice suited for light rock and soul - reminding me a little of Colbie Caillat. The contributions from Alex Band can be heard throughout these four tunes, which pop rockers will enjoy. Out of the four tracks on this EP I liked "Love Seed" the most, with "Oh My My" being a close second. "Love Seed" is a straight-up pop rock tune, and the acoustic guitars give "Oh My My" a light, breezy feel.

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