Friday, July 23, 2010

Review: Red Wanting Blue "These Magnificent Miles"

Red Wanting Blue hail from Columbus, Ohio, but they probably call the road their home. They've been in perpetual motion for 10 years now, taking their classic roots rock and pop to every town that would have them. As you can surmise from the title "These Magnificent Miles", their latest record was written while on the road and tells stories of life on the road. These stories provide us with a rare glimpse into the highs and lows faced by a band touring relentlessly and fighting for survival.

"These Magnificent Miles" was actually released in 2008, but since signing with Fanatic Records (EMI/Caroline) earlier this year, the CD will be released nationally this week. The roots rock atmosphere is palpable on "These Magnificent Miles", helped along by two things. First, the rugged baritone vocals of Scott Terry (who sounds like a cross between Brian Vander Ark of Verve Pipe and Vinnie Dombroski of Sponge) are perfectly suited for Americana - a man with such a warm and earnest voice should be doing nothing else but singing. Second, the record was produced by Jamie Candiloro, who has worked with Ryan Adams, Willie Nelson, and R.E.M., all of whom could easily share a stage with Red Wanting Blue.

"These Magnificent Miles" starts incredibly strong, opening with "Gravity", a veritable tribute to this physical force. Appropriately, the song pulls you into the world of Red Wanting Blue and doesn't let go easily. Next is "You Are My Las Vegas", another catchy tune with imagery that helps make it a favorite to anyone who has been to Sin City. "Where You Wanna Go" is a ballad with a mild country flavor, boasting yet another winning melody in the chorus. Quick to pick things back up, "The World Is Over" sounds like the perfect bar sing-a-long song. The latter half of the record is almost as strong as the beginning, with "U.S. Bumper Sticker" being another favorite. And don't miss the last song, simply entitled "The Band" - it is not about what you might think.

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