Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rare: Mark Everett "Bad Dude In Love" LP

This super rare 1985 LP from Mark Everett just sold for $5,000 on ebay. Mark Everett is currently lead singer of The Eels.

"This is the ultra rare 1985 first release by Eels front man Mark Everett, musician, singer-songwriter Mark Oliver Everett (also known as, Man Called E, Mr. E, or simply E; son of famed physicist Hugh Everett III)

This just might be the only one still in sealed condition after 25 years. This highly sought after album has very rarily surfaced in the marketplace

Record is new unplayed factory sealed condition ~ The cover appears factory fresh, nice sharp corners, shrink is 100% intact ~ This is a store stock copy with no cuts, holes, promo markings, no bends or creases, etc. Sealed LP's are sold "as is" since the collector value of an LP is greatly lessened once opened

The following info is from Wikipedia:

Bad Dude in Love is an album released independently on Joe Mama Records in 1985 by Mark Oliver Everett (credited without his middle name), later to become leader of the band Eels. Five hundred copies were made and most were distributed to friends and for promotion. The album was discovered at large when it was put up for auction on eBay in 2005.
Prior to its emergence on eBay it had been mentioned, in 2000, by musician Chris von Sneidern, who briefly worked with E in 1994. He stated: "The record to get, apparently, is the Mark Everett record, it's called the Mark Everett something... 'Cool Dude' record or something. It's one of those things that if you were to show it to him he'd like flip, he's apparently not comfortable with it."

Bad Dude in Love has so far been located in two locations. The Library of Congress in Washington, DC and a private owner in Phoenix, AZ. The album is available for listening by request of either party. Requests for copies are not granted by either party.

Track listing
All songs written by Mark Everett/Joe Mama Records, except where noted.

Side one
"Everybody's Tryin' to Bum Me Out"
"Gotta Get Out Tonight"
"History Baby"
"Too Busy Thinking About My Baby" (Norman Whitfield, Janie Bradford, and Barrett Strong)
"I Just Wanna Be with You"

Side two
"Bad Dude in Love"
"The Girl in My Neighborhood"
"Burning Love" (Dennis Linde)
"Ain't Braggin'"
"I Can't Get Next to You"

Mark E – Vocals, keyboards, and Drums
Richard Aspinwall – Guitar
Kevin Cooke – Bass guitar
Granger Helvey – Bass guitar and backing vocals
Chris Ivy – Guitar
Mike Kelly – Keyboards
Jimbo Manion – Guitar
Mike Melchione – Guitar
Mark Pohien – Bass guitar
Bob Read – Keyboards and production
Cheyenne Wilson – Backing vocals
Featuring The Ever-etts: Cyndi Krombholz, Sandi Welch – Backing vocals

The above information is from Wikipedia, much additional and updated information about this album is available on several searchable Mark Everett / Eels related websites and a 2009 sale of this album is documented on the website"