Monday, September 6, 2010

Review: Poobah "Let Me In"

Ripple Music once again dips back into the proto-metal time capsule to yank out another overlooked gem. The debut album from Poobah, “Let Me In”, originally released in 1972, has become a highly sought after classic. Poobah is an essential piece of hard rock history. The six songs on the original LP are restored here in their full jam band glory, in hopes that Poobah no longer remains one of the best kept secrets in rock music history. Ripple Music has bundled in twelve bonus tracks, from previously unreleased tunes to short on stage antics. “Live To Work” is my favorite song and has already been added to my Monday morning drive to work playlist. Poobah specialized in fuzzy hard rock and lengthy jams, and will appeal to fans of Cream, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple. Guitarist Jim Gustafson and the rest of the band were ahead of their time and it is no wonder Poobah was called "the most collectible psych rock band in the world" by Goldmine magazine.

Poobah on MySpace. Official site.