Sunday, October 10, 2010

Classic melodic rock CD of the week

By Stephen Kasenda

GUNS N ROSES "Lies" (1988)

The follow-up to the major explosion created by "Appetite For Destruction" captured Guns N' Roses doing an intense and raw performance, portraying the band as rebellious youth seething with shocking naughtiness. Consisting of four live tracks and four acoustical tunes, "Lies" is an important release by the band, successfully bridging the magical moment of their crazy debut and the next big double-release hit. This album was often compared to Lennon's "Some Time In New York City" – they not only share similarity in their front sleeve design, but inside you'll also find live-recordings.

The first half of the album contains my two fave tracks, "Reckless Life" and a cover of Aerosmith's "Mama Kin", but the rest of the album shines too. "Patience" is no doubt one of their biggest ballads - just listen to the memorable whistling and the gentle acoustic strumming…mind-blowing! And this song is even better played live with electric guitar and drums. "Used To Love Her" is a fun sing-along track and the acoustic rendition of "You're Crazy" is also nicely delivered, but the huge controversy of "One In A Million" is a bit exaggerated since this track is among their weakest I believe.

"Lies" is definitely not their greatest, but it ain't no dull release - extremely underrated and condemned by many fans. It is a must-buy for hardcore GNR fans and good to have if you're a casual hard rock fan for the sake of "Mama Kin" and "Patience" tracks alone.

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