Saturday, October 2, 2010

Classic melodic rock CD of the week

By Stephen Kasenda

ALICE COOPER “Trash” (1989)

I still have a vivid memory of playing this tape over and over again when I first discovered Alice Cooper years ago. "Poison" and "Bed of Nails" are my most fave tracks of the album and those two songs are the reason I decided to backtrack Cooper's early catalogue to learn more about him. "Trash", even though it was a more commercial approach and a far departure from his roots, is still highly enjoyable, especially if you're into the late-80s style of Aerosmith, Motley Crue, or Bon Jovi. This album is Cooper's best-selling release thanks to the several singles that were intensively aired back in the days.

The anthem "Poison" is a great album opener with its catchy chorus. "Spark In The Dark" is also a great track with some groovy riffs but "House of Fire" stole my attention. The refreshing nuance made this a fun party track. "Bed of Nails" is definitely the album's diamond - a brilliant up-tempo tune with a memorable chorus and killer guitar solo. "Only My Heart Talkin'" is a mandatory ballad, a beautiful one, and I love the screaming duel with Steven Tyler at the end of the song. "Hell Is Living Without You" is the second ballad attempt, quite okay but inferior compared to the prior. The title track is a decent filler but "This Maniac" is horribly boring, I always skip this track.

Produced by Desmond Child, fans expected a more commercial sound. The production value is acceptable and this album is perhaps not for his long time fans, but for glam/pop-metal lovers, "Trash" is a big gem not to miss.

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