Friday, October 22, 2010

Review: Dot Dot Dot “II” [EP]

The latest EP from up-and-coming band Dot Dot Dot, simply called “II”, is a blast of fresh air. You may have caught them on “The Next Great American Band” in 2007 but, if not, one listen should be enough to convince you that they are true contenders to become a household name.

To be honest, I almost thought the opening track, “Walking In A Straight Line” sounded a bit to clubby for my tastes. Indeed, Dot Dot Dot bills themselves as a “union of rock elements cloaked in dance beats with synthy frills.” “Walking In A Straight Line” had just enough of a gritty rock edge to keep me interested…and I am very glad for that. The other four songs on “II” turned out to be some fantastic pop rockers, each with a screaming hook and full throttle rhythm section that makes you want to get up and go. “Around The World (And Back)” even has a playful 80s vibe and some “Sha la la” vocals that make it a particularly sweet guilty pleasure. “Stay” is the current single, a strategic pick that has the most cross-over potential. “Antidote” is one of the meatier tracks with heavy guitar riffing between the 80s style synths and backing vocals. “Hold You Tonight” wraps things up, another track of pop rock perfection. Any and all of these tracks could easily create a buzz at radio.

With huge choruses, superb vocals, slick production, and catchy songs, Dot Dot Dot delivers the whole package. Rock, pop, and dance may seem like a bunch of disparate dots, but this band connects them well, leaving us with a picture of what the future of music holds.

Dot Dot Dot on MySpace. Official site.

Check out the video for “Around The World (And Back):