Monday, December 13, 2010

Review: John Shipe “Villain”

After numerous stints in various bands, and ten albums under his belt, John Shipe proclaims to be committed to singer/songwriter mode for now. Consequently, his latest, “Villain”, is an easy going acoustic affair full of songs you’re likely to hear on a Thursday night at the coffeehouse around the block. And, according to Shipe, “Villain” is not a dark record, “Even though some of the characters in these stories don’t always win, there is a fun aspect to telling and a good feeling.”

“Villain” is a coherent effort and sounds ideal for a lazy Sunday morning. Produced by Ehren Ebbage (The Dimes), the record sounds terrific, with crystal clear acoustics, some well placed strings, gentle harmonies, and warm lead vocals. Shipe writes some whimsical lyrics that are often amusing. The songs are pleasant enough, but sadly not all that memorable. Shipe is more of an indie folk writer and is not likely to appeal to music fans who like sing-a-long melodies and big hooks. “Lion” and “Love Belongs To Everyone” are two tracks I’d recommend the most.

There is a lot to like about John Shipe’s “Villain”, but I’m not finding a whole lot to love. Give it a shot if you dig Ryan Adams, Damien Rice, or Josh Ritter.

iPOD-worthy: 1, 3

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Listen to “Lion”