Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review: Paul Gibbons "Out With The Introspect"

Paul Gibbons wears his Beatles influences on his sleeve. Named after a Beatle and born in England, he is now a pop rock artist based in Vancouver, Canada. Paul's last band, the Ryecatchers - featuring Paul on lead vocals - recorded the song "You Lift Me Up" with Randy Bachman. "Out With The Introspect" is his latest solo record – and solo in every sense of the word: self-produced, written, and engineered by Gibbons.

In addition to obvious Beatles and Brit-pop influences, the ten songs on "Out With The Introspect" buzz with electrifying sounds from the 80s. Growing up in the 80s, it is probably inevitable that those musical influences have incorporated themselves into his evolving sound. It all works out very well to my ears. “Turn Me On” (video below) is a superb upbeat track to kick things off, with 80s synths helping to drive a pulsating beat that feels like modern rockers The Killers. “Turn Me On” is bursting with energy and should not be vacant from radio today. More of those lovable 80s sounds along with a super catchy chorus makes “Jenny Jenny” another winning song. “I Need” maintains the momentum with some sizzling guitar work and a propelling rhythm. “Love Of My Life” slows things down a bit, but after the guitars crash down on the piano, you’ll barely notice your listening to a syrupy ballad. “No One” is another epic ballad - completely engaging with its memorable hook, gritty guitar lead, and string synths. The second half of the record is also pretty good, but does not top the superior first half.

"Out With The Introspect" is an impressive work and a milestone achievement for Paul Gibbons as a solo artist.

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Check out the video for “Turn Me On”

Turn Me On

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