Friday, March 4, 2011

Review: Castlelights “Paint The Stars” [EP]

Pop rock
Castlelights shines in Texas, but many will think they’re from London after hearing their sparkling Brit-pop sound. The band originated from the beginnings of a solo career initiated by Jeremiah Wood after parting ways with the band Leeland in 2007. He is joined by Aaron Eaves (The Blinding) on bass and Tyler Susuras (guitar/vocals). “Paint The Stars” is the band’s debut EP, providing five songs to give you a feel of their musical leanings.

Castlelights goes for the jugular to create rich sonic landscapes that fill the room. The music is both expansive and expressive, with earnest lyrics sung with warmth and gusto. Within these majestic soundscapes, the band strives to create memorable melodies. For some of these songs they hit the mark, but on others there is some room for improvement. Tyler Susuras has an excellent voice, pristine yet firm, with the ability to gently float up to a gorgeous falsetto (which he uses wisely) – talent like this is a joy to hear. The top tracks where the boys manage to hit the melodic nail on the head include the beautiful “Wait For You” and the upbeat “Maze of Love”.

I’d recommend that you check out Castlelights if you enjoy Coldplay, Palo Alto, or Travis.

Castlelights on MySpace. Official site.

Listen to “Wait For You”