Thursday, March 31, 2011

Review: The Respectables “Check Your Mind” [EP]

A new three song collection from the Detroit rock outfit, The Respectables, has been released entitled, “Check You Mind”. Led by the charismatic Nick Piunti on vocals and guitar, The Respectables impressed us in early 2009 with their “Sibley Gardens” album (review here). These three new tunes emit the perfect balance of grit and grace that should be earning The Respectables lots of respect. The first is the title track, a blistering arena ready rocker worthy of being stacked up front. The full frontal assault of pumping guitar and in-your-face vocal will wake you from your stupor. “Wore Me Out” goes deeper into blues bar territory, again showcasing the versatility in their songwriting. But by far my favorite track was saved for last: “B-side” has a great lyric sung with attitude and surrounded by crunchy guitars belting out the best melodies on the EP. “B-side” is 3 minutes you will remember.

The Respectables on MySpace.

Check out a video for “B-side”: