Monday, April 4, 2011

Classic melodic rock CD of the week

By Stephen Kasenda

AC/DC "Highway To Hell" (1979)

“I'm goin' down, all the way, I'm on the highway to hell, don't stop me!" …so goes the rant of the late Bon Scott when he screamed the band's signature song way back in the 1979. Apparently the devil granted his wishes when they found his body in a car breathless, tragically dead by an alcohol overdose. “Highway” is the band’s sixth album - more spooky information. Scott’s death was a huge loss to the hard rock scene and there was brief talk inside the camp to disband, but luckily they continued and later on, AC/DC became bigger and bigger. As of 2008, they have sold more than 200 millions albums worldwide.

Produced by Mutt Lange, who later leaped even higher as a successful producer for Def Leppard and Bryan Adams, achieved his first major rock triumph with "Highway To Hell". AC/DC scored 7 platinums in the USA alone with this album, which spawned legendary tracks such as "Girl's Got Rhythm", "Touch Too Much", If You Want Blood", "Shot Down In Flames", and of course the title track itself. I also like "Get It Hot" and "Love Hungry Man" and probably only "Walk All Over You" is my least-fave pick of the album.

"Highway To Hell" is an extremely enjoyable album and undoubtedly an iconic release you should buy as the last legacy of Mr. Scott. While I can accept Brian Johnson's voice, I always prefer Scott's, maybe because he seems to be less chaotic-and-distorted than Johnson. This album was mentioned as one of the 500 greatest albums ever made by Rolling Stone magazine, and I can convince you that it ain't an empty boast.

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