Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review: Poplord “Poplord Vs The Universe”

We last heard from Poplord back in 2008 with their release “Full/Filled” (review here), but in 2011 they are ready to take on much more…the entire universe in fact. A band against the world - make that all worlds - “Poplord Vs The Universe” rebels against current musical trends to deliver traditional pop and rock to their fanbase.

The epic battle with the universe started small…in the living room of keyboardist/singer Tom Magill. With the help of Stan Schaffer (drum, vocals, lyrics) and Craig Daniel (guitar, vocals), the trio has crafted another mix of melodious and quirky pop confections. The first two tracks are spectacular and have “universal” appeal. Poplord blasts off the launchpad with one of the most rocking tunes they’ve recorded, “Flower Bomb”. There are super harmonies and a killer hook – every member of the band is firing on all cylinders here. Another track that is out of this world is “Miss Universe” – just listen to the attention to detail in this song…flanged guitars, a space-age keyboard tone, and a transient house beat inexorably linked to beauty pageants, all of which tie in perfectly with the lyrical theme. On the lovely “Descending”, the band apes their most important influence – The Beatles. “Descending” features a Lennon-esque psychedelic chorus and a weepy Harrison-styled lead guitar. The ELO-flavored “Drilling For The Sun” leaves a great taste in your mouth towards the end. Unfortunately, the rest of the tracks – which are generally less upbeat - pale in comparison to these standouts…not because they are bad songs, but because the others are so good. There are flashes of brilliance in almost every song in the form of masterful harmonies, a groovy retro tone, or a witty lyric.

“Poplord Vs The Universe” is the first release on the band’s own Fowl Tone label, a nod to the small farming town of Fowler, California, where the band is based. Fans of powerpop – be sure to get Poplord on your radar.

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