Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rare Trax: Acoustic Hits "Love Bites"

Every Saturday at BMF we present rare or deep tracks from my collection for your listening pleasure, or perhaps for your amusement!

In keeping with Kurt Torster's piece on Def Leppard this week (see here), I thought I'd spotlight a cover of their hit "Love Bites". This stripped down version, featuring just a single acoustic guitar and a female vocal is from the digital album "Acoustic Hits: A Def Leppard Acoustic Tribute" found here. There is a whole series of these "Acoustic Hits" releases, but finding information on the people performing the tunes is challenging. The vocalist on "Love Bites" really nails it - her delicate and earnest delivery puts the song into a whole new light...very nicely done. Can anybody tell me who it is?