Saturday, July 23, 2011

Odds and Ends

Each week I use this space to post some mini-reviews, cool tracks, random thoughts, neat news, or whatever else I damn well please.


Paul Starling “All of My Heart” (single) – At the moment, there is only a single that has been released by Paul Starling (SideBMusic), but it is a very promising indication of things to come on his new collection entitled “Shipwrecked Commotion”. His dazzling single, “All Of My Heart” is a perfect beach tune…upbeat, radiant, sunny. Following in the tradition of power pop luminaries like Brian Wilson, Starling crafts a sugary melodic around warm and fuzzy lyrics. You just can’t help feeling a little lighter while listening to “All of My Heart” – check it out below.

All Of My Heart - Paul Starling by SideBMusic

Paul Starling writes and records original songs in the Ventura County area of California. He plays guitar, bass, drums, piano, banjo, ukulele and other instruments. Known for a 60s vibe with a modern twist, Paul Starling creates what he calls ‘nautical pop’. Music to sail to. Float to. Skip rocks over the Pacific to. To keep up with the latest from Paul Starling, find him on Facebook.

Surprise of the week
Remember Ugly Kid Joe (of “I Hate Everything About You” fame)? They’ve got a comeback album in the works, their first since 1995’s “Motel California”. Read all about it here.

Finally some new Shinedown is on the horizon. Details here.

Carolina Liar is back with a new single called “Drown” from their forthcoming new album “Wild Blessed Freedom” Details here.

The “Is rock dead?” debate continues. Queensrÿche frontman Geoff Tate sees a pretty gloomy future for rock bands, unless they can adapt to new ways of doing things. Read his interesting ideas on how rock can keep moving here.

Last week we announced the return of Bush (the band, thankfully). This week you can hear their comeback single, “The Sound Of Winter”. Perfect tune to release in the middle of a heat wave, right? The song doesn’t do much for me, but maybe you’ll dig it. Check it out here.

Random iPOD song of the week
A terrific lesser-known tune from Olivia Newton-John – “A Little More Love” from 1978.