Thursday, July 7, 2011

Review: Phlying Saucer “Pancakes” [EP]

Pop rock
Phlying Saucer is a modern rock and pop outfit consisting of Phil McDonald (vocals), Lydell Valdriz (drums), Evan Brass (bass), and Chris Miranda (guitar). Their latest EP, “Pancakes”, is a stack of 5 tracks covered in syrupy melodies and buttery goodness. But this yummy music will not be hazardous to your waistline.

You can get a whiff of how great this little EP is going to be just by sampling the top track, “Breaking Down Takes Two”. With a groovy crunch and snappy backbeat, this track would fit comfortably on modern rock radio. The musical style incorporates a little of Tinted Windows and Simple Plan, with a touch of the pop smarts one might find on a Drake Bell album. Vocals are well produced and harmonies strategically placed. “Suddenly” is just as catchy, with an infectious chorus that reminds me of Plain White T’s. “Warning Signs” has a slightly darker edge in the verses, but the sun comes out big time on the soaring chorus – excellent. “One Red Light” is a perfect summer anthem for driving around town with the top or windows down – one of my favorites in the batch. The EP ends all too soon with “Carry On”, another upbeat melodic rocker designed to keep you going when the going gets tough. In short, “Pancakes” is a very tasty treat from top to bottom.

Champions of the ‘no more than 3:30 minute’ song, Phlying Saucer doesn’t invade your space for too long. But they don’t have to linger long before you realize you would like to be beamed away to their world again and again.

Phlying SaucerOfficial site.