Monday, October 31, 2011

Classic melodic rock CD of the week

By Stephen Kasenda

OZZY OSBOURNE “No More Tears” (1991)

Fun facts revolving around Ozzy's sixth album, “No More Tears”: huge commercial breakthrough success, a bestselling album with over 5 million sales worldwide, a songwriting collaboration with Lemmy, and Grammy Award winning. One of my favorite releases by Ozzy because he had a perfect blend of commercial hard rock and the raw elements from his metal days, helped by Zakk Wylde's southern chugging riffs.

“Mr.Tinkertrain” is a very nice hard rock opener but he should have omitted some of the repetitive choruses near the end. “I Don't Want To Change The World” is also a good song, as strong as “Hellraiser”, “Zombie Stomp”, and “A.V.H”. This album has at least 3 super ballads, in which his mega-hit, “Mama I'm Coming Home” is the best one. “Road To Nowhere” and “Time After Time” are also sensational, probably among his best ever written. “Desire” and “S.I.N” are melodic heavy metal at its finest, with awesome riffs and a solo that is enthralling.

The bad track for me here is “No More Tears”. I don't understand how this song can penetrate the chart because it's too long, with that “Sweet Emotion” feel, this track is too progressive for the album, and definitely his weakest. With those superior tracks dominating the album, no wonder this got a high praise from everywhere, and I'm convinced that a solid 80%-85% rating is totally deserved.

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