Friday, October 14, 2011

Review: Wires In The Walls “New Symmetry”

Pop rock
While their name reminds me of something Dick Cheney would offer as a solution to national security, Wires In The Walls is an organic pop rock band based in L.A. Led by lead singer and guitarist Warren Sroka, the band will be releasing their full length debut, “New Symmetry” on October 25. This record follows a well-received EP from 2010 entitled, “Call Signs”, which earned the band some local and national college airplay.

A bit of their Americana roots trickles into songs like the acoustic ballad “Soft Shirt” and accordion laced “ysa”, but by in large the band – now a quintet – is cultivating a larger soundscape that includes elements associated with indie rock, pop, and even some post-punk. To be honest, many of the tunes on “New Symmetry” didn’t pique my interest at first, but there was enough staying power to warrant a second spin. And I am very glad I did that – these tunes need a little time to germinate, but once they do you’ll truly respect their beauty. I quickly found myself appreciating them more and more. Highlights include “Tremolo”, “The Land The Sea And Outerspace”, and the first single, “The Ringer”.

I’d recommend Wires In The Walls for Dick Cheney, as well as fans of Crowded House, Flickerstick, and Toad The Wet Sprocket.

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