Friday, October 7, 2011

Review: 7 Months Later “Time To Decide”

Rock/Post punk
Cross Fall Out Boy with Green Day and you’ll get the Orlando based band 7 Months Later. The foursome has just released their new record, “Time To Decide”, which follows their 2009 debut EP, “By The Light”. The latest release contains eight songs that try to establish 7 Months Later as a unique outfit within the overcrowded post-punk genre.

Nothing is overtly wrong with anything, but nothing really stands out of the crowd either. But these guys are young (we can’t even call them 20-somethings yet!), so they have a lot going for them – they are making significant headway during this early stage of their career, so with some more experience I am confident that more remarkable songs will emerge. Some of the highlights to enjoy on “Time To Decide” include the driving opener, “Outlines”, where the lead vocals match Billy Joe Armstrong (Green Day) so precisely it nearly sounds like an imitation, and the engaging energy of “Faster Faster”. Songs like the acoustic ballad “All Out” showcase another side of the band that was refreshing to experience. Evolving from songs like these will surely equate to big success for this upstart band.

7 Months Later will appeal to fans of Reliant K, Jimmy Eat World, and Blink 182.

7 Months LaterOfficial site.