Thursday, June 10, 2010

Review: Lost Boys "Look Out World"

The Lost Boys is a young pop rock band hailing from Lakeport, California, and their musical career is off to a blazing start: they've won numerous competitions, including the Ukiah Idol Competition, Ukiah Band Slam, and N. California’s Rising Stars Competition, all while defending their California Colgate Showdown title, 2 years running. They are completing a 60 date tour (Look Out World…Tour 2009), headlining theatres and radio shows to capacity crowds, and performing with 3 Doors Down, All-American Rejects, Kelly Clarkson, Journey, Eddie Money, Heart, Tonic, Night Ranger, and more.

"Summertime" is the timely lead single from their brand new upcoming release, "Look Out World". With plenty of pep, a gang chorus, and shimmering guitar, the song should brighten anyone's summer break. "Look Out World" contains a number of other goodies that fans of pop rock will want to sink their teeth into, such as "I'm Not Popular", a sing-along anthem for freaks and geeks everywhere, and the dramatic midtempo power ballad "Why Not Us". "Fall" is another highlight, a piano-driven rocker that packs a good punch and features a powerhouse lead vocal. The rest of the tracks are not necessarily lame, but they don't grab you with the same immediacy as the aforementioned songs. "Cloud 9" and "Think So" are more generic power ballads in the tradition of the Goo Goo Dolls. The band shows more muscle at the end of the record with tracks like "Last Time" and "Hold On", but they do so at the expense of being melodic enough to warrant repeated listens.

"Look Out World" is a respectable effort that is going to attract young rockers like moths to a flame. You could say the Lost Boys have found their niche, and I believe they will get even better with age. 'Look out' for this one later this year.

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