Friday, June 24, 2011

Review: Alih Jey “Tarte”

Pop rock
“Tarte” is the album from Latin Grammy award nominated singer-songwriter Alih Jey. It is her English language debut and is destined to win over the hearts and ears of everyone. Helping put the album together are Miami-based music gurus Fernando Perdomo (Dreaming In Stereo), Jorges (Plains), and Derek Cintron (Dc-3).

Born in Santo Domingo, it was quickly noticed that Alih Jey was bursting with talent. She was ushered into the music business at a very young age, signed by Universal Music Latino at only 16 years old. Alih released two albums with Universal, then an independent release ("Necia"), which was nominated for a Latin Grammy in the category of Best Rock Solo Vocal Album. Alih was Clear Channel's Hispanic Artist of the month in March 2009, has played in SXSW while promoting "Necia", was a winner of the iTunes Jukebox Jury, and was the opening act for Paulina Rubio in her "Pau-latina" tour.

Summing up “Tarte” with a single word: party! These songs are radiating sunshine and good times, with some of the most buoyant melodies since The Bangles. Jey’s voice is sweet and strong, and she has great skill in writing and performing harmony parts. There is a sense of 50s and 60s melodies sprinkled throughout her songs, but everything still retains a very contemporary sound thanks to outstanding production. “Entertain Me” and “Carousel” are full of good cheer and will get your blood flowing. “Crooked” begins with an acoustic strumming, giving Jey’s vocals plenty of room to breathe on this tender ballad. “Cherry Pie” (thankfully not a Warrant cover) is a mid-tempo duet with Jorges that will satisfy the musical equivalent of a sweet tooth. “Holler Girl” returns to the upbeat pace and is one of the most danceable songs on the record, featuring some fun backing vocals on the chorus.

If you enjoyed the latest from Mandy Moore, Kelly Jones, or Marissa Levy, be sure to check out Alih Jey’s “Tarte” as you won’t be disappointed.

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