Friday, June 3, 2011

Review: Evick “Reflections” [EP]

Pete Evick and his band have been trying to release their latest recordings for a long time now, but they got sidetracked with an offer they could not refuse…touring as the backing band for Bret Michaels’ solo shows. Evick has been on a non-stop rollercoaster ride of reality TV, rock 'n roll, and relentless touring. Consequently, they’ve reached a decision to release these five “long-lost” tracks in their present demo form. You have to keep that in mind when listening to the EP, brushing the lo-fi sound aside and trying to appreciate the “inner beauty” of the songs themselves. Evick’s voice is a little rough around the edges, but it fits with this type of music. He sounds a little like C.C. Deville when he fronted Samantha 7.

The songwriting varies on the EP – from serious, party, to novelty. Songs like “Reflection” capture a very raw emotional battle about Pete losing himself to the constant trappings of the music business and still finding his way back to the innocence of playing music for the love of music. On the other hand, “Prom Queen” introduces an element of humor, coming off like something Bowling For Soup would do. “Late Nights Good Times” is a generic party all night track, and most people have enough of these in their collection already. The real treats are “Real Thing”, one of the more melodic numbers that just radiates fun, and the driving “So This Is Goodbye”.

Check out Evick if you like Poison/Bret Michaels, Faster Pussycat, or Charm City Devils.

Evick on MySpace. Official site.