Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review: Dom Liberati “The Good Hurt”

Dom Liberati is an L.A. based musician blending the songwriting styles of The Police with Jimmy Eat World and Kings of Leon. The result can be heard on his latest album, “The Good Hurt”, which was released this April. Liberati is a poet at heart, intelligently exploring the typical singer-songwriter themes of life and lost love, but surrounding those philosophical meanderings with plenty of rock crunch and tasty melodic hooks. Liberati got his first taste of success in 2009 when Activision used his song “Love Holds it Down” in their famous Guitar Hero game. He also tours as a session bassist, which isn’t surprising after you take a listen to some of the amazing bass lines put down on “The Good Hurt”.

Lead-off track “We Own the Night” is the first single from “The Good Hurt” and is sure to become the new anthem for night owls. The tune begins with a soft acoustic strum before launching into a feisty chorus built to make a permanent impression. “Burn” is my favorite track off the CD – a perfect radio-friendly single that has 80s overtones in the Rick Springfield vein that really hit the sweet spot. “Evidence” is a bit darker, but provides an opportunity for Liberati to show off more of his vocal range in a killer pre-chorus. “Changing August”, with its pleasant mid-tempo pace and cascading drums, sounds like a modern Bon Jovi tune, while the similar but different “Won’t Let You Down” veers more into Goo Goo Dolls territory. Things cool off a bit, but “Suffering” is a fine track that grows on you quick and the album closes on a strong note with the lyrically strong and melodic “Semicircle Effect”.

The heart of rock and roll is still beating…if you don’t believe me, take a listen to Liberati’s “The Good Hurt”.

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