Monday, November 1, 2010

Review: Dimestore Buddhas

Dimestore Buddhas are a new indie rock formed just this year in New Jersey. Led by Gene Pompilio, they are fans of “three-chord, sugar-coated bubblegrunge”.

Dimestore Buddhas are busy working on their debut release, but in the meantime they sent me an advance copy of two tracks, “Oh Yeah Baby” and “Sci-Fi Girl”. “Oh Yeah Baby” is ear candy all right, starting off with Beach Boy style harmonies that sing the title of the song. We move into an easy going verse with pleasant lead guitar interjecting between the lines. The chorus is a bit redundant, but the catchy melody is the main reason you’ll find yourself singing it all day. “Sci-Fi Girl” is another mid-tempo powerpop gem not far removed from something The Smithereens or The Knack might write. And I have a gut feeling that most of my readers will relate to the lyrics!

Be on the lookout for these guys! If these two tracks are any indication, the full-length CD promises to be huge.

Dimestore Buddhas on MySpace. Official site.

Listen to “Oh Yeah Baby”