Thursday, November 18, 2010

Review: Garfields Birthday “More Sense Than Money”

Fans of the classic Brit pop that graced MTV's 120 Minutes during its heyday in the late 80s…you will rejoice upon hearing Garfields Birthday. We’ve covered this band on numerous other occasions (see here), and are very happy to report that their latest, “More Sense Than Money”, is their best yet!

Founded by brothers Shane and Simon Felton, Garfields Birthday has now been around for 15 years – where does the time go? The band has added guitarist Leighton McGrath, which may have something to do with the markedly heavier edge the pop has this time out – which suits this batch of songs well. Longtime fans need not worry…Garfields Birthday has not abandoned their trademark sound and knack for writing smart pop hooks with Partridge Family harmonies and backing vocals. But the added umph that McGrath brings to these tunes seems to have provided a new energy all around.

You’ll notice the revitalized sound right at the top with the lively “Cool Your Jets”, followed closely by the melancholy “Liar”. “Cambridge” is a sweet ballad with gorgeous strings that provides a nice break from the rest of this generally crunchy pop record. “Carry On Karaoke” is one of the strongest songs, with very catchy chord changes; as the title suggests, it was written as a tribute to the loyal supporters of a weekly karaoke session that takes place in one of Weymouth’s pubs. Finally, “Bubbles” is another upbeat offering worth repeated listens.

“More Sense Than Money” will be available November 29, 2010. Fans will embrace this one, and I would encourage all lovers of smart Brit-pop to take a listen. The music of Garfields Birthday is very reminiscent of The Connells and The Judybats.

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