Friday, November 12, 2010

Review: Sho “I Don’t Want To Go” [EP]

Sho is an emerging band rising from Dubai’s underground music scene. Sho began with the meeting of two like-minded musicians: Rizal (lead guitarist) and Zara (a powerful female vocalist). They recruited some top notch players to round out the band, which has the simple mission to get their music into as many ears as possible. Sho, which means ‘What?’ in Arabic, features an amalgamation of different genres of music strongly influenced by the amazing multicultural mix that is Dubai. Rizal uses 6 and 8 string guitars and a variety of pedals to give their music a unique sound. Zara's lyrics focus on the message of nonconformity, standing up for what you believe in, and fighting for what you want.

The “I Don’t Want To Go” EP features four songs of high intensity sure to please fans of modern hard rock. A song by the same name of the band kicks things off, coming at you forcefully and demanding your attention. “Sho” is a great song to get you moving on those days you have trouble getting out of bed. The title track blends some reggae into the heavy riffs, providing some interesting dynamics in this arena-ready rocker. “Phride” and “Winter” are more on the darker, unmelodious side and did not maintain my attention as strongly as the first two tracks. Check out this promising band if you like the music of Damone, Paramore, or Evanescence.

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