Thursday, November 25, 2010

Review: The Remainers “Formal Fridays” [EP]

The Remainers are a modern rock band with 80s pop influences, an outgrowth of a band called Big City Rock, which we previously praised here. The Remainers are Nate Bott on guitar/vocals, Frank Staniszewski on keyboards, Jason Lautenschleger on bass, and Kaumyar on Drums. “Formal Fridays” is their first EP, consisting of six must-have tracks that Big City Rock fans are sure to love.

The sprinkling keyboards at the start of “House”, which kicks off the EP, will make you think you stuck the “Better Off Dead” soundtrack into your disc player…until the contemporary guitars blast through the mix. “House” is a hot track fresh from the Big City Rock songbook (video below) that radio should be playing night and day. “Another Moment Like This” is another upbeat slice of rock delivering the best of what this band has to offer. “Blessing In Disguise” has a markedly darker sound, but the band’s retention of a strong melody throughout puts their stamp on it and makes it a winner. The splendid power ballad “I Got A Chance” could have been a 1988 prom theme, but it sounds edgy enough to serve the same role at next year’s prom. “When You Need Me” ends the EP on a powerful and energetic note, leaving you begging for more.

With driving verses, arena ready choruses, and a flair for the pop rock sounds of the 80s, The Remainers should be at the top of everyone’s playlist. Check them out if you like Rock Kills Kid, The 88, Neon Trees, or (naturally) Big City Rock. I can’t wait to hear more from these guys.

The Remainers on MySpace. Official site. Get it.

See a video for “House”


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