Friday, January 21, 2011

Review: August Christopher “ac”

August Christopher is a modern rock trio comprised of Criss Cheatham (vocals, guitar), Corey Boise (drums), and Steve Price (bass). Known for their no-nonsense rock and energetic, freestyling live show (although I’ve not seen one yet), this band is shooting for the stars. They’ve made some significant headway so far, opening for the likes of Sugar Ray, Train, Nickelback, and Tonic. Criss Cheatham also earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for “Longest Concert By A Solo Artist” (24 hours straight). August Christopher has released 3 studio albums and 5 live albums and sold over 10,000 records on their own.

“ac” is a multisession disc with studio and live recordings. Thundering drums greet us to “Leaving Town”, a catchy radio-friendly anthem if I ever heard one. Cheatham’s vocals sound commercial enough, with a tone suitable for mainstream rock as well as Southern rock. “Just Friends” and “Star” are also infectious tunes, featuring verses propelled by very busy bass lines, universal lyrics, and a sing-a-long chorus with great harmonies. The “ooh-la-la-la” lines in “Candy Girl” make this tune even sweeter, while the bouncing guitars in “All Alone” make you want to get up and groove. Another one of my favorites was “Inside Her Head”, a complete package of smart melodies, heartfelt vocals, and a sizzling guitar solo. August Christopher proves they can do more than rock out with folky ballads like “I Don’t Feel Love”, decorated with gentle strings and harmonica, and the mildly reggae flavored “All That Matters (Is You)”.

August Christopher is a refreshing blast of feel good rock and pop – and best of all, they know how to write the kind of melody that you’ll want to come back and hear again. For fans of Collective Soul, Train, or Gin Blossoms.

iPOD-worthy: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 9

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Listen to “Just Friends”