Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Review: The Silver Liners “The Silver Liners” [EP]

The DC band The Silver Liners is back with a new six pack of an EP, which follows last year’s "Just Like The Rest" (reviewed here). The new one is self-titled and pretty much picks up where these good time rockers left off. Half of this EP is fantastic, the other half not so much. “Runnin' Through My Head” kicks things off, and it is a great fun and funky rocker – like Prince meets Collective Soul. “Hot Mess” is standard Silver Liners fare sure to please fans of the last EP – and surely pleased me. “American Girl” has a great vocal hook in the chorus that will have you singing along in no time. A couple of the other tracks had potential but just didn’t do it for me. “Better Than Your Boyfriend” is more like a great idea than a song – a cool riff and lyric, but it is too redundant and gets tiring about halfway through. “Without A Face” is a bit bland, and the effects applied to the vocals ruin it for me (Nemeyer has an awesome rock tone, so adding effects like this is like keying your favorite car). Fortunately, the EP ends well with the 80s-flavored rocker “Just Like The Rest” – great tune. Despite a couple missteps on this one, there is obviously a lot of potential in The Silver Liners, and I look forward to their next offering.

The Silver Liners on MySpace. Official site.