Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Review: Black Biscuit “Blueline”

Weird garage rock
Black Biscuit…sounds like my mom’s cooking. But no, “black biscuit” in this case is a slang term for a hockey puck, and the band of the same name is comprised of hockey players from Yakima, Washington. They have not only been playing hockey together since high school, but also have been playing music together since high school. Their first CD, “Blueline” was released in 2008 and has been described as “Buddy Holly meets Generation X”. The eleven songs on this CD are as strange and goofy as the titles: “Robbie the Robot”, “Surfin’ In Afghanistan”, “Hockey Goon”. Though offbeat, some of these tunes are a fun novelty to listen to, especially the aforementioned “Robbie the Robot”. Some classic rock references are incorporated into their alternative rock tunes, such as a clear Rolling Stones inspired riff in “Don’t Touch My Cigarettes”. The Buddy Holly comparison comes out in the 50s flavored melody in “Say Goodbye”. Unfortunately, the low production value, iffy vocals, and mediocre performances make this a tough listen in most places. But if amateur garage rock is your thing, you might score with Black Biscuit.

Black Biscuit on MySpace. Official site.

Listen to “Robbie the Robot”