Thursday, January 20, 2011

Review: Genuine Fakes “The Striped Album”

I knew I was going to like this band after hearing just a couple of notes to their self-titled introductory piece. That, plus the fact that this record cracked the top 10 of many “best of 2010” lists. The Genuine Fakes are a new pop rock outfit from Sweden and this record shows they mean business. They are out to put powerpop and moustaches back in style!

Three long and hard years were spent perfecting this debut, but the songs play as if they rolled out effortlessly. The band sounds like they are genuinely having fun, and this sunny spirit radiates throughout their music, leaving the listener feeling warm and fuzzy all over. Each song is meticulously crafted, down to every “ooh” and “aah”. With no filler to be found on “The Striped Album”, it is difficult to choose which songs to highlight. “The Promise” gets things off to a proper start, with its engaging verses building to a hugely melodic chorus complete with wonderful backing vocals. “When Reality Hits You” follows a similar formula, and with its Partridge Family styled chorus, it turns out to be another memorable success. My other favorites include “Star”, “I Don’t Want It”, and “Mindset”. The band also does their own take on the Beyoncé ballad, “Irreplaceable”, virtually unrecognizable as a peppy rocker.

You’ll have real love for The Genuine Fakes if you like The Merrymakers, Owsley, or Bleu. “The Striped Album” is available now – don’t miss it! One of the year’s best pieces of ear candy for sure.

iPOD-worthy: ALL TRACKS!

Genuine Fakes on MySpace. Official site.

Listen to “When Reality Hits You”