Monday, September 26, 2011

Classic melodic rock CD of the week

By Stephen Kasenda

STEELHEART “Tangled In Reins” (1992)

Steelheart was heralded with explosive fame after their big international hits, “I’ll Never Let You Go” and "She's Gone" spread like crazy across the planet. "Tangled In Reins" was their second attempt to emulate the debut's success. Although the effort wasn't very fruitful, Steelheart secured a safe position in the Asian region with their sophomore ballad, "Mama Don't You Cry", which conquered many charts there. This album's style is sleazier and catchier but slightly inferior in song quality compared to their debut.

"Loaded Mutha" was given the chance to open the album…this Whitesnake-ish track puts Matijevic's magical vocal to the front. A great track but the next one is even better: "Sticky Side Up" is definitely a party soundtrack - just check out the naughty words of ‘watches me drown in your lovin' cup', as the music arouses to make you bang your head. "Late For The Party" and "Dancin' In The Fire" are in the same vein and both are also my fave tracks. "Love 'Em And I'm Gone" copied Dr.Feelgood's groovy rhythm and overall is a good track, while "Steelheart" contains one of Matijevic's insane screams. "Mama Don't You Cry" is a touching ballad dedicated to his mother, and I love how the emotion is pouring down like a hard rain…such a beautiful tune.

A very good album and probably their last greatest piece before Matijevic was involved in a tragic accident while performing live. The comeback album is far from the first two, and although not as great as the debut, "Tangled In Reins" is a worthy buy in my book.

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