Saturday, September 10, 2011

Odds and Ends

Each week I use this space to post some mini-reviews, cool tracks, random thoughts, neat news, or whatever else I damn well please.


March Into Paris “Beautiful Chaos” [EP]
– Following their 2008 debut “Shield The Dilemma”, this new seven track EP takes the Sacramento band in a new musical direction. The new sound is bigger and bolder, but I can’t say it is all that melodic. The strongest thing March Into Paris has going for them is the powerhouse vocals of lead singer and chief lyricist Jennifer Valdez. Valdez is truly stunning at times and injects true talent and passion into this otherwise pedestrian modern rock band. It is a shame the songs are not as memorable as Valdez’s vocals. One exception where everything comes together perfectly is the track “Panic Room”. More tunes like this – with hooks even bigger than the guitars - is what the band needs. Recommended for fans of Paramore and Evanescence. Check out the band here.

Surprise of the week
Billy Joe (Green Day)
gets kicked off a plane because of his low riding pants. The surprise here is that he was flying on Southwest. Read the story here.

FREE MUSIC! Check out this 3 song indie rock/pop EP, “This Culture” from Nishwasher. Cool stuff – a little like Soup Dragons. Download it for FREE here.

Last time we mentioned Paul Westerberg had written songs for the new Glen Campbell CD – now here is your chance to hear one of them, “Ghost On The Canvas”.

Hear what is believed to be Jani Lane’s last recording: a song called “Sin” performed with the band Liberty n’Justice – click here. It sounds promising…such a shame.

Nickelback's new studio album is due November 21st and will be called “Here and Now”. The band will also release two singles simultaneously: "When We Stand Together" and "Bottoms Up". Full story here.

Random iPOD song of the week

Dishwalla – “Home” from the album “Opaline”

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