Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review: DanseWolf “Smoke N Mirrors” [EP]

Are you tired of waiting for No Doubt to make a new record? The L.A.-based rock and pop trio known as DanseWolf has a little something that will help ease that wait…in fact, they could very well compete for your love of No Doubt.

This energetic six song EP entitled “Smoke N Mirrors” is an absolute thrill ride down the tracks No Doubt pioneered in the 90s. Lead singer Juls D not only channels Gwen Stefani, but throws in a little Blondie to fit in even more snugly with the retro 80s rock belted out by her band, Andy Lagomarsino and Grant Webb. Things kick off with the high octane fever of “In L.A.”, a tune dedicated to their adopted hometown. With retro keys, gang vocals in the chorus, and Juls D swirling vocal, it is one of those tunes that pays homage to a musical past yet retains a modern edge. The title track simmers with excitement too, building up to a gloriously memorable chorus. “I Think Maybe” is another radio-friendly highlight, complete with handclaps to liven the party atmosphere. “Shut You Down” is the power ballad moment, which would have been a standard at many an 80s high school dance. “Love Hate Heartbreak” picks the pace back up with another engaging chorus propelled by cascading drums. And don’t miss the 50’s piano riff that the band brings back from the dead in “Like A Ghost”.

“Smoke N Mirrors” is a triumph and has the potential to appeal to old school pop rockers as well as the youngsters. DanseWolf is ready for the big time…don’t miss this one!

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Check out a live performance of “Shut You Down”