Saturday, September 17, 2011

Odds and Ends

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Sebastian Bach “Kicking & Screaming”
– The outspoken and always entertaining former Skid Row frontman returns with his latest solo release, “Kicking & Screaming”. As you would expect, there’s no shortage of loud, in-your-face guitar shredding and dazzling solo work. Bach sounds as potent as ever, showing off the full range of his vocal talents through these thirteen tracks, and his lyrics remain sharp. That’s the good news. While “Kicking & Screaming” has plenty of testosterone and muscle, it often lacks the melodic hooks that would make these songs memorable. That is regrettable, because Bach used to write some killer ones. In short, Bach delivers a solid record to pump your fist to, but not much to sing along to. My favorites in the set include “Caught in A Dream”, “As Long As I Got The Music”, and “One Good reason”. Also, don’t miss “I’m Alive” and “Wishin’” – two of the best ballads he’s done as a solo artist – each feature compelling instrumental dynamics and Bach simply nails the vocal.

Sebastian Bachofficial site.

Check out the video for the title track:

Surprise of the week
Beam me up, Scotty. William Shatner has covered Black Sabbath’s "Iron Man”, one of the tracks from his upcoming album, "Seeking Major Tom”. Give it a listen and read more details here.

For you “die” hard vinyl fans: now there’s a company called Andvynyly that offers a service to turn your cremated ashes into a record. What song would you like to be? Check it out here.

Julian Lennon to release first album in 13 years (his sixth studio album) this October, called “Everything Changes”. Details here.

Check out this explanation of the famous Guns N' Roses video “November Rain” here.

Some classic Bob Seger is finally coming to iTUNES along with a free EP – check it out here.

Will CDs go the way of the dinosaur within five more years? Here is an opinion.

Deck the halls with Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots)? Yep.

Random iPOD song of the week
L.A. Guns – “Never Enough”

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