Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review: Dexter’s Kin “Dexter’s Kin”

Pop rock
With influences ranging from the Beatles to Muse, New York City native Paul Benedict has formed a band named Dexter’s Kin (the project was named in memoriam of Paul’s late brother). Paul reflects, “Every song I’ve written has been related to my experiences with family. My brother’s death made such an impact in my life. One way or another he’s influenced my music. It’s the core of who I am saying that I’m Dexter’s Kin.” Paul released a solo EP in July 2009 called “Metamorphose”, which created a modest buzz. He and his comrades in Dexter’s Kin (Bryan Christopher on guitar, Gisel Costa on keyboards, Jason Juliette on drums, and Andrew Lynch on bass), should create even more buzz with their self-titled full-length album.

Dexter’s Kin is an upstart band filled with young players – this has to be kept in mind when listening. While the music would benefit from better production and more natural chemistry between the bandmates, the key thing that I get excited about here is the potential. Benedict can write songs…great songs. I would have recorded them differently, but there is no denying these songs are the basis for some serious hits. Benedict also needs more confidence during his vocal delivery, but his instincts are good regarding where to take the melody. It is also unfortunate that the instrumentation often buries his vocals to near inaudible levels.

Problems aside, listen to the promise in cuts like “Out Of My Head”, “Day Sleeper”, and the Radiohead sounding ballad, “Stay” – excellent song structure, interesting chord changes, and nicely sung. The back half of the CD is just as good, with catchy power pop like “Self Inflicted” and “Fair Share” balancing gorgeous pieces like “Dive”. With the proper resources, I think Dexter’s Kin could be a real force in modern pop rock.

The band will be releasing its highly-anticipated self-titled album in late Summer 2011. Check it out if you like IKE, Abandoned Pools, or Toad the Wet Sprocket.

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