Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Best Albums You Never Heard

By Kurt Torster

Feel “Feel” (2002)

There are some albums that you just know from the very first crashing riff that it’s going to be something special.

Formed from the ashes of cult power pop bands Wanderlust and Bachelor #1, Feel was just one of those bands that, for a fleeting moment in time, released one of the most perfect power pop albums ever laid down. Not a note wasted, not a melody out of place. It’s crunchy when it needs to be, jangles otherwise and knows how to pace itself with the occasional introspection. It’s like the Foo Fighters decided to be as pop as they could be and enlisted the help of Paul McCartney circa “Band On The Run.”

What could have been a cross genre smash album sadly amounted to very little. Songs like the blistering “Won’t Stand In Your Way” and “Until They Close The World” could have ruled summer rock radio and beyond, while the more laid back “Under The Radar” and “Girl In A Raincoat” are the kinds of songs that these days are all over country radio. Throw in the sure-fire yet not quite hit “I Am The Summertime” and you’re left with an album that demanded repeat play.

I know Feel released a few more miscellaneous albums, EPs and tracks over the years and while all are pretty good, nothing came close to matching the punch and power of this set. Leader Scot Sax also wrote some songs for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, but beyond that I know very little of what the band is up to lately. Shame really, because the staleness of the power pop scene could use a little kick in the ass right about now.

Scot Sax is now recording again with Wanderlust – throw them a bone to get it done at