Saturday, May 28, 2011

Odds and Ends

Each week I use this space to post some mini-reviews, cool tracks, random thoughts, neat news, or whatever else I damn well please.

Meekos & Me “Anxious Little Turtles” – Meekos & Me is a duo based in L.A.: Joey Colando on vocals and guitar and Danny Grab on cello. Their debut, “Anxious Little Turtles”, due June 21, features 14 mellow tracks best suited for rainy day listening. There are some truly inspired moments where the gentle folk melodies mesh beautifully with the strings, but for the most part this is a mood record. While the music is well played and nicely recorded, the hooks are too few and far between to hold my interest. If sleepy coffeehouse music is your thing, check out the track “Animals In My Room” for a taste. More info on the band can be found here.

Surprise of the week
Paul McCartney is planning to make a “heavy rock album” – and he’s asked Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) for tips on how to go about it. Read all about it here. A heavy rock album from the man who brought us Silly Love Songs? Maybe we’ll be amazed…I’m looking forward to this one!

Def Leppard says “We would like to work again with Mutt”. Mutt Lange, that is. The famed producer who helped craft “High ‘N’ Dry”, “Pyromania”, and “Hysteria”. C’mon guys…let’s make this happen! Read the full interview with Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott here.

REO Speedwagon is releasing a special 30th Anniversary Edition of their smash 1980 record “Hi Fidelity” on July 19. It will contain a second CD with 9 previously unreleased goodies.
Disc One – Selections: 1. Don't Let Him Go 2. Keep On Loving You 3. Follow My Heart 4. In Your Letter 5. Take It On The Run 6. Tough Guys 7. Out Of Season 8. Shakin' It Loose 9. Someone Tonight 10. I Wish You Were There.
Disc Two: The Crystal Demos – Selections: 1. Someone Tonight 2. Tough Guys 3. In Your Letter 4. Follow My Heart 5. Take It On The Run 6. Don't Let Him Go 7. Keep On Loving You 8. Shakin' It Loose (Instrumental) 9. I Wish You Were There. (All tracks previously unreleased.)
Read the full story here.

Ingram Hill’s 2010 album, “Look Your Best” was my pick for best of 2010. They have an acoustic set coming out on June 21 called “Blue Room Afternoon” (only on iTUNES). Read more about it here.

Random iPOD song of the week
This week my iPOD reminded me what a gorgeous and moving song Lillian Axe created when they wrote “The Day That I Met You”. Off their excellent “Psychoschizophrenia” album from 1993.