Monday, May 16, 2011

Classic melodic rock CD of the week

By Stephen Kasenda

DANGEROUS TOYS "Dangerous Toys" (1989)

Hailing from Texas, the tale of Dangerous Toys begins in 1981 when Scott Dalhover, Mike Watson, and Tim Trembley formed Onyxx. In 1987, Trembley recruited Jason McMaster from Watchtower to become their singer and changed their name to Dangerous Toys. The new band landed a deal with CBS to release their debut in 1989. Ironically, Trembley eventually left the band, to be replaced by Danny Aaron. This album was well-received and certified Gold in the USA.

The music of Dangerous Toys fell into the sleaze glam category - they played a mean stab of animalistic hard rock like dynamite ready to explode - this is the type of music your mama will hate. The first single, "Teas'n and Pleas'n", is a good starter and it gets better with "Scared", a groovy song with catchy chorus. My other favorites here are "Take Me Drunk", "Outlaw", and the peak of the album, "Queen of The Nile", probably the most commercial composition featuring a shaky, stomping chorus.

Jason McMaster's vocals remind me of Axl Rose a bit and the band plays quite tight here. Even though Dalhover and the rest of the gang ain't virtuosos, they made a great record and this is an exciting album if you want to just go crazy and have a couple of drinks on your Friday night.

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