Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review: Skyler “Take You Away” [EP]

Pop rock
There are a whole lot of people – especially musicians - who would scoff at the idea that they could learn something from a 19 year old “kid”. But Maine’s pop rock sensation, Skyler, could really take them to school. Since third grade, Skyler has been working to make his musical dreams come true. By sixth grade he was a multi-instrumentalist, and just one year later had converted his bedroom into a recording studio. By ninth grade, he released his debut full-length album, followed by four more prior to graduation. He’s played 250 gigs to date and even found time to excel at Berklee College of Music for a year.

His latest EP, “Take You Away”, which arrived this April, is poised to catapult this young man into superstardom. With a voice and vibe that just makes you feel fuzzy and warm all over, Skyler is the tonic for troubled times. The EP begins with the shimmering “Empty Rooms”, a nifty little anthem that impresses with a memorable chorus and lyrics that demonstrate Skyler can write to universal appeal despite his young age. The mood grows sober with the acoustic picking at the beginning of “Hold On (Pray)”, but this song of encouragement swells with lucidity by the time the sparkling chorus rolls around. With uplifting strings and an infectious backbeat, the title track – quite the serenade - is guaranteed to win over the heart of any girl. The proper ballad is “It Kills Me”, complete with dazzling backing vocals during the guitar solo, which comes straight out of the 80s power ballad songbook. The party ends too soon with “Sentimental”, a worthy upbeat closer with breezy verses sandwiching yet another catchy chorus.

Skyler’s music is modern pop rock at its best – “Take You Away” will appeal to fans of Ryan Cabrera (whom he’s opened for), Lifehouse, and Michelle Branch.

Skyler on MySpace. Official site.

Listen to “Empty Rooms”