Friday, May 27, 2011

Review: The Rationales “The Distance In-between”

Power pop/rock
Boston-based pop rock outfit The Rationales are poised to impress their brand of music on you with their latest, “The Distance In-between”. Following 2008’s EP, “The Going and the Gone”, “The Distance In-between" represents a significant step forward into territory singer-guitarist David Mirabella knows well – a land populated with sharp hooks, groovy harmonies, smart lyrics, and uplifting melodies.

It is really difficult to identify the cream of the crop on this record as so many of the songs contain moments worth talking about. But at the end of the day, the tunes I wanted to go back to immediately including the simmering opener, “Real Life”, the breezy “Burned Again”, and Tom Petty-flavored “Slower-Faster”. Most of you will probably be able to spot the distinctive vocals of Bill Janovitz (Buffalo Tom) punching up “Another Moon”. I actually found “The Distance In-between” to be one of those records that gets better towards the end. Most bands stack their best right up front, but in my opinion this record starts off reasonably good then gets great. Case in point: the gritty and inspiring “Still We Believe” is a fantastic example of how much heart goes into their music.

“The Distance In-between” is a quantum leap forward for The Rationales – a terrifically cohesive record that is sure to please fans of pop rock that have a closet fetish for a pinch of alt-country. Should you check out this band? To not do so would be…illogical.

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